About Me

Understand Families Needs

As a Father, Realtor and Port Moody Resident with kids in grade 6 and 8 in the Port Moody public school system, I deal with families on a daily basis and understand first-hand the needs of our community and recognize the negative impact of poor planning.



My stance on SOGI is the same with any other program that encourages inclusiveness and compassion for all human beings. We are all the same yet different, we need to embrace everyones differences and accept everyone for who they are. The fundamental message is that there is a place and person for everyone, and when you feel alone, know that there is someone else going through the same struggles as you. 

My Family

My wife Heather and I have lived in the area since our kids attended Friendly Forest PreSchool. They're now middle schoolers at Eagle Mountain Middle School.  My Youngest plays Soccer and Hockey with the PMAHA. My Daughter Competes in Cheer.  


  • UBC (Business)
  • BCIT (Engineering)

Associate Courses

  1. Accounting and Taxation 
  2. Strata Law
  3. Multi-Family Property Valuation
  4. Marketing and Technology 

Municipal Councillor Anmore (2014-2018)

  • Chair of the Public Safety Committee
  • Chair of the Environment Committee

Alternate Director of Metro Vancouver Board (2014-2018)

My Accomplishments


  • Chair of the Public safety committee (included, but not limited to; implemented an adopt the street program that was completely designed at the committee level, dealt with safe travel for kids and families, worked closely with RCMP to ensure resources were allocated to best serve the community. Worked with hydro on buntzen lake safety. Worked on roads safety) 

  • Chair of the Environment committee (included but not limited to; increased wildlife corridors on proposed developments, increased tree retention and clustering on proposed developments, moved forward steep slope managment policy’s, tree management policy’s and invasive species managment policies to name a few). A big thank you to councillor Paul Weverink for helping finally put the invasive species policy to print.

  • Alternate Director of Metro Vancouver Board. Many policy’s and discussions around area growth strategies and services required, approved budgets for large infrastructure projects.

  • Meetings with Translink to increase bus service and extend the times of service so students returning from area universities and colleges are ensured a later evening bus home. As well to ensure that nannies and caregivers are able to stay later in the day before their last bus leaves.

  • Quarterly Council of Council meetings, discussed with all greater Vancouver municipalities the regions growth strategies, traffic managment and the issues faced by each municipality.

  • Alternate signing authority for the municipality. Over saw the approval of certain municipal expenses.

  • Acting Mayor position. Performed Mayoral duties when required.


  • When recent Eagle Mountain boundary changes were put forth, I brought forth solutions (thanks to the many parents who wrote me with similar thoughts) worked with Anmore staff and the school board to fast track permits and ensure there was no hiccup on the Municipal side (I believe the permits may have even been ready or offered before they were officially requested).  

  •                    ( I still question why the new Moody Middle’s French immersion, Arts & theatre program weren’t more highly promoted to North Port Moody Families. If it was, it’s possible enough enrolments would have organically transferred over to Moody Middle, Preventing the need for such a drastic boundary change.)

  • Allocated capital costs and made the difficult decisions to move priority projects ahead of wish list projects or special interest groups wishes, as we saw the need to to put the community as a whole first.

  • Planned and budgeted for infrastructure projects In Advance of them failing and requiring emergency repairs. 

  • Implemented plans and procedures for ensuring clean and safe drinking water so as not to repeat the previous councils boiled water debacle.

  • Worked with neighbouring municipalities and elected officials on projects that were in the best interest of the region as a whole. 

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School Trustee Port Moody

100 Newport Drive, Port Moody, British Columbia V3H 5C3, Canada

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