Solution to the Recent Catchment Boundary Changes

Solutions that were Implimented

  • When recent boundary changes to the Eagle Mountain and Moody Middle Schools were announced, I worked tirelessly, collaborating with the Trustee chair and Anmore Mayor on 3 proposed solutions, which would allow for the short term influx of students (and new mandated smaller class sizes) to be accommodated within the current catchment areas. The solutions were implemented and the changes were reversed. As a Trustee, I would have brought these solutions forward long before the changes were even announced.  (Thank you to the many parents who I collaborated with on all components of the overall plan)

Below is the Email correspondence with my 3 proposed solutions, Solutions 1 & 2 were implemented.


"Eagle Mountain Middle School Catchment Change 


Ryan Froese 

Sun 2017‐12‐10 10:38 PM 


Hi Trustee and Chair Palmer Isaak, 

I am writing in concern of the proposed school catchment areas changes for Eagle Mountain Middle school. Please take the time to consider my 2 areas of concern below, followed by 3 suggested Solutions; 

Firstly, the north eastern catchment area boundary which encompasses the Heritage woods community, those kids would now have to attend Summit middle school, which would be at the closest 1.5 Km's and furthest 2.8 Km's from Summit. With summit being a feeder school to Pinetree secondary and the Port Moody kids falling in the Heritage mountain secondary catchment, it would make the transition to high school even more difficult with less connections. 

Secondly, the Area of pleasant side now being in the catchment for Moody Middle.
The houses on the closest part of Pleasant side are 2 km's away and the furthest along Ioco is 2.7 km's. Along the route to Moody middle, kids would have to walk along the busy and narrow Ioco road, cross ioco rd, cross Murray st and walk along St. John's st. Not a safe journey for 12 year olds. Especially with the route to Eagle Mountain from pleasant side, doesn't cross one main road, and can be traversed along neighbourhood pathways and sidewalks. 

With the elimination of school buses we need to support alternative safe travel options to and from school and consider this in any decision. While it is true a lot of kids are driven to school, the trip home for most is by foot. 


1. I see this as a short term over enrolment issue that will balance out with the new Moody Middle and its French immersion program, in fact if we increased the cross catchment area for the new moody middle to include Anmore, Belcarra and Port Moodys Heritage Woods area, as well as promote the new school to the residents. I would estimate enough kids would move over to offset numbers. 

2. Placement of Portables on the property would allow for this short term fluctuation in students as well as the future growth of the area which could see more population fluctuations over the years. 

3. Help from our New NDP government and local MLA Glumac to negotiate with the teachers union to allow for some relaxed class sizes in extenuating circumstances and in the short term while long term solutions are being worked on. 

As a Municipal Councillor for Anmore, I am willing to work together in ensuring we find a solution to this issue and allow the catchment area to remain intact. 

Sincerely, Ryan Froese 

Ryan Froese 

Councillor Village of Anmore 

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